After School Nightmare

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ASN Cover

ASN Vol1 Cover

Genres: Thriller, Drama, Horror

Japanese Title: Houka go Hokenshitsu

Author(s): Art & Story by Setona Mizushiro


Ichijo Mashiro is a student at Kokoku High living a typical high school boy’s life – at least on the outside. You see Mashiro has an astonishing secret; he’s half female! If dealing with his own personal problems isn’t complication enough, Mashiro is thrown into a world of chaos and illusions when he is invited to join a special after school class in a section of Kokoku High that he’s sure was never there before. This is no ordinary class either. Here students all go to sleep to participate in a shared dream where they appear in their hearts’ truest forms which range from the bizarre to the horrific, competing against each other in order to obtain a key that will allow them to “graduate”.


One of the most interesting, gripping and original stories I’ve read in a long time; After School Nightmare will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first volume. It’s extremely atmospherically charged, often toying with the reader’s own sense of reality. The character development is first-class; allowing you to get to know all the characters thoroughly as the story unfolds. Dominated by an eerie feeling of loneliness and isolation and filled with suspense, romance, action and tragedy; it’s one of those things you just can’t help but resent being pulled away from, even if it’s 3am on a school or work night.

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More Information on Setona Mizushiro and a full list of works:

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