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Kirika and Murielle

Kirika and Murielle

Studio: Bee Train

Genres: Action, Suspense


Murielle Bouquet is a first class assassin for hire who goes by the codename of Noir. One day Murielle is contacted by Kirika Yumura; a seemingly ordinary high school girl. When Murielle demands to know who Kirika is, the young girl says that she too is Noir. Murielle is taken by surprise when she soon witnesses that the young high-schooler is more than apt at killing people; employing both perfected hand-to-hand combat skills and deadly accurate aim. Kirika claims to have no memory of her past or knowledge of where she attained her abilities. Reluctantly, Murielle agrees to work with Kirika to help the young girl piece together her past. However, soon the two of them find themselves working to uncover an ancient mystery that connects them in more ways than they could ever have dreamed.


After watching the first episode, don’t expect to be impressed. Once you get into the story though, it’s actually quite enjoyable. The backdrops are mostly very nicely drawn with a excellent level of detail in a lot of places though the character art is nothing special. The fight scenes are very well animated, maintaining a very fluidic flow of motion on the whole. The sound track is awesome, but then again anything Yuki Kajiura lends her creative hand to generally is; and I’d have to say this is definitely one of the show’s two strongest points (The other being the animation). The character development isn’t anything spectacular I’m afraid, but don’t get me wrong, it’s far from bad. As for the storyline, well, as I mentioned earlier, it’s better than it seems at first glance. There are a string of self-contained episodes initially before the main theme really gets underway which leads to a good combination of variety and continuity. If you enjoyed MADLAX , you’ll most likely enjoy Noir.

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