Final Fantasy Unlimited

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Final Fantasy Unlimited

Final Fantasy Unlimited

Studio: Gonzo

Genres: Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Fail


Two children happen upon a portal that takes them to a magical world. Upon arriving they are a little nonplussed to discover that life here is completely different to where they come from but this doesn’t seem to in any way inhibit their curious nature. Based *loosely* on themes and concepts from the awesome videogame series Final Fantasy.


This is one of the most disappointing anime shows I’ve watched, if not the most. I only watched one episode before switching it off to prevent myself from clawing my own eyeballs out so maybe it does improve, but I doubt it. I’ve always believed in giving something a fair hearing and watching/reading it in it’s entirety before commenting but trying to watch this is somewhat like trying to walk through a lake of peanut butter with cement blocks strapped to your boots. To give you just one example of what I mean; there’s scene in the first episode where a monster waits patiently for a good three minutes while the hero carefully selects three different shells for his ?Summoning gun. He then fires the three shells simultaneously which seems to summon Phoenix. I would have preferred materia, magicite or good old fashioned spells but anyway. The artwork’s not really worth a mention; it’s not hideous but it’s definitely a far cry from good and the CGI integration seriously doesn’t do it any favours. Observe the top right inset, that’s apparently a chocobo. Need I say more? I’m a huge fan of the Final Fantasy game series (I exclude anything beyond Final Fantasy X when I say this) so maybe my opinion is biased, but I doubt that too. If you are a genuine old-school Final Fantasy Fanboy like myself then the chances you’ll hate this are “Over 9000!!!” to 1, if not then maybe you’ll like it, but I doubt that too. The choice is yours.

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