Beware When Burning Data

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Nero Start Screen

Nero Start Screen

Have you ever burned a file and then found that when you try to access it on the DVD/CD you just burnt it to, something goes really, really wrong? Even if not, take this article as a useful warning. For those who have had trouble though, here’s a list of common problems all stemming from the same cause.

1. It was an mp3 or similar media file but the copy you burned to the DVD/CD won’t play now.

2. You had a folder filled with files but when you burned them to DVD/CD, the folder came up empty.

3. You had files names “xyzBlahBlah[][][].abc” or similar but on the DVD/CD you burned them to; the names appear as “” or alike.

4. You had files with Japanese, Chinese, Russian or other non-standard characters in the file names and after being burnt, the characters have been changed to “_”.

5. While verifying data, Nero gave error messages on only a select number of files and / or displayed their names incorrectly.

Just as an aside, the reason your pc displays these little boxes “[]” (lol, I can’t put the actual character coz it may display correctly on your machine and then you’ll be like “Wtf?” so I’m using [] to represent a box) in file names is because it doesn’t have the right code page. For example, I download a file named with Japanese characters in the filename and my pc only has the default code page (Assuming you’ve an English version and not a Japanese version of Windows duh), my pc does not know how to display these Japanese characters so it displays it as a box (Annoying, I know). Now if your pc has the right code pages installed then filenames should appear as a bunch of weird characters be they Russian, Japanese, Chinese or whatever.

Here’s the problem now: Nero doesn’t always seem to understand characters that aren’t part of the default code page. So when Nero burns the data; it burns it incorrectly and stuffs up the data completely. Now this problem has been known to occur sometimes even when the correct code pages are installed so you go figure.

The solution is to just rename all the files with characters from the regular set; i.e. If they are is Russian, rename them to English. Nero then recognises them and just like that, it’ll burn perfectly. I’m sure there are tons of updates and downloadable patches etc, but if you’re lazy (Like me!), then renaming the files is the best option and definitely the most reliable.

I’m not a data retrieval expert so I can’t help you if you’ve lost data, but at least you now know what’s causing it and how to prevent it in the future.

If you want my advice on secure data writing, these are my suggestions to increase the security of your writes:

1. Ensure the filenames are all in English (Or your default code page language).

2. Never ever use a multi-session disc; it’s vulnerable to all kinds of data-errors.

3. Using “Over-burn” is out of the question.

4. It takes longer, but always check the “Verify data after burning” box.

5. Once you have burned a disc, then try to copy the entire contents to a temporary folder on your hard drive – a friend of mine taught me this and it’s a great way to check data.

6. Don’t use cheap generic DVDs or CDs. It’s better to pay that little bit extra for a decent brand name like Verbatim (My favourite and most trusted brand).

7. If your DVD-RW or other device is old and not functioning correctly, use caution when burning data and also try a friend’s pc if you have read errors as sometimes it’s just the fact that a DVD reader/writer is ageing that causes read errors.

8. DVDs and CDs older than five years should be copied and burned to new DVDs and CDs if the data on them is irreplaceable. Nobody knows for sure the lifespan of this media but most computer technicians have told me that five years is the safe zone. (Although I know a guy with a few CDs well over ten years old and they work fine)

Well that’s that. Good luck with your data and always remember, “The cautious seldom err”

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