Spice and Wolf (Season 1)

Originally Posted by Onegai:

Lawrence and Horo

Lawrence and Horo

Studio: Imagin

Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Comedy, Romance, Adventure


Lawrence is a good-natured and honest merchant. His dreams are to amass sufficient funds to open his own shop. On a routine trip to collect some merchandise he meets Horo (Holo, Eng version), a mysterious woman sporting the ears and tail of a wolf. At first Lawrence doesn’t believe her when Horo tells him she is the god of the wheat harvest but when she reveals her full wolf form, he realises that this is true. He agrees to escort her as she makes her journey back home to the north but along the way they end up facing a series of extreme complications where quick whit is often proved an essential tool.


The series is very slow moving for the most of this season. Despite this factor, it’s very warm and friendly with light-hearted humour and an easy-going feel to it. One of its strongest points definitely lies in the directing which is absolutely first-class combining whit, a lot of subtlety and some very good character interplay. Unfortunately, the sound track is not very impressive at all. In some scenes, the musical score seems to clash with the event taking place. There is one track in particular that I actually had an aversion to. The character art and background art is nice and the animation itself is good although I suspect there may have been a certain level of computer assistance involved but it looked visually pleasing nonetheless. It’s obvious that this season is part of one continuous plot that’ll run into season two due to the fact that the last episode ended without tying much up at all. Therefore I’m not prepared to fully judge the plot and storyline since it’s technically incomplete. If you’re into very gentle, slow paced stuff then you’ll probably enjoy this and some Mushishi fans might like it too. It’s very niche in my opinion and I wouldn’t really recommend it for the majority of viewers yet.

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