Detroit Metal City: DMC

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DMC Cover

DMC Cover

Genres: Music, Comedy

Japanese Title: Detroit Metal City

Author(s): Art & Story by Kiminori Wakasugi


Souichi Negishi is a gentle and naive country bumpkin who comes to the big city of Tokyo seeking fame and fortune as a pop musician. He succeeds…in a manner of speaking. Unfortunately for Negishi, the band he finds himself in is a death metal band, Detroit Metal City known by most simply as DMC. This is a far cry from the trendy pop career he’d envisioned for himself. Nonetheless Negishi refuses to give up his dreams and finds himself living a double life. One as Negishi the struggling pop musician singing songs of love and peace on street corners, the other of Krauser II the lead guitarist and vocalist of DMC singing songs of murder, rape and mayhem at large concerts crawling with scary fans. At first this seems an acceptable arrangement while Negishi follows his chosen career in his spare time but soon the two lives begin to clash. Life becomes worse as Negishi has less and less luck following his dream and with the appearance of an old college crush, things only become increasingly tense as the young man tries his best to keep his identity as Krauser II a secret from her and his family.


Detroit Metal City is hilarious and it’s predominantly humour that anybody could appreciate. There are a few more subtle references but missing them would in no way detract from the enjoyment of reading DMC. I didn’t like the character artwork very much, especially the female characters but the storyline does manage to make up for this shortcoming. The character development is a little stunted but not annoyingly so and all in all DMC is a very enjoyable experience. If you like comedy of any type, you’ll enjoy this manga; it is really one of those “for just anyone” works.

Additional Information:

There’s both and anime and live action DMC out as well. Both of them are well worth a watch but it’s better to read the manga at least to the end of volume 3 before you do so. There are a lot of details that have been changed in DMC’s translation from paper to screen as well as the order of many events.

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