Mario Bros. 2

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Mario Bros. 2

Mario Bros. 2

Official Title(s): Super Mario Bros. 2

Copyright: © 1988

Company: Nintendo

Original Platform: NES

Genre(s): Action-adventure


Mario has a weird dream where someone in a strange world is calling for help and then when he wakes up and wanders into a cave, he happens upon a world that’s exactly the same as his dream.


Storyline: 1/5 – The storyline is lame to say the least, not that the first one wasn’t, but this is really stretching things. It’s almost as if the storyline is just an excuse for the gameplay and setting.

Characters: 2/5 – There are a variety of characters available with abilities to suit your gameplay style but this feature is hardly ever necessary to use and the majority of the game is easy to complete by sticking to the good old tried and tested Mario.

Gameplay: 2/5 – The gameplay is really disappointing. The designers introduced a new idea here that involves picking up and throwing items and enemies at other enemies, instead of just jumping on them, to kill them. While this may sound interesting, the novelty will soon wear off and once it does; the gameplay just seems slow, sluggish and repetitive. In the game’s defence though, they did make the exploration a lot more interesting than the first game with a screen that scrolls up and down in some parts as well as caves and a strange ‘dark world’ version of reality too. Unfortunately, this rather brilliant innovation is overcome by the rest of the game’s lousiness.

Graphics: 3/5 – While the graphics are a vast leap from the first game, they’re still nowhere near ‘good’. They may seem ‘good’ in some places and there are a lot of animations on things like waterfalls and plants etc. but when I judge graphics, I judge them overall because it would be no use having a game that looked brilliant on just one stage and like crap everywhere else or a game with animated backgrounds but the art itself looked like something a three year old drew.

Soundtrack: 1/5 – The soundtrack can only be described as awful. The stage music is actually annoying. The first Mario Bros. game music at least had a catchy ring to it. This sequel however, has little to offer and you may actually end up muting the sound should you decide to play it.

Replayability: 2/5 – There are a few hidden items scattered about that you may want to go looking for but ultimately, there’s nothing terribly entertaining about replaying Mario Bros. 2. If you’ve waded through the entire game you’ll be satisfied by your accomplishment and the last thing you want to do is start all over again and go through all the annoying pick-up-and-throw-while-dodging-this-and-that bits.

Overall Enjoyment: 2/5 – It’s not a ‘fun’ game. It doesn’t have a nice or catchy soundtrack. It has a poor storyline at best. I cannot think of any reason to enjoy it other than thinking of it as a challenge to newbie retro-gamers who haven’t played it yet or one of those ‘you have to play it because it’s part of the serial’ type missions. Therefore I have to say: No, it’s not very enjoyable at all and that’s probably why they reverted to the original gameplay system in number three.

Extra Titbits: Because it was released at different times in different regions as different versions, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the actual copyright date and the official title. I’ve gone with the information from this particular version because it’s this version that I’m reviewing.

Key: 5.Excellent   4.Good   3.So-so   2.Poor   1.Awful   0. Terrifyingly bad

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