Rockman (Megaman)

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Some stages from Rockman

Some stages from Rockman

Official Title(s): Rockman, Megaman (U.S. Release)

Copyright: © 1987

Company: Capcom

Original Platform: NES

Genre(s): Action, Sci-Fi


Rockman is a determined young android who has taken it upon himself to stop the evil Dr. Wily and his plans for world domination (Very 80’s theme lol). But in order to get to Dr. Wily, Rockman must battle his way through Wily’s six boss androids and myriad of other robotic henchmen.


Storyline: 2/5 – The concept is cool although there wasn’t much story-telling in the game. In fact you just get thrust into gameplay once you hit the “Start” button. It begins to reveal itself throughout the game relying not so much on words but the gameplay itself to tell the story. This actually ends up working fairly well as the storyline isn’t a complicated one and an eight year old could easily grasp it. The only text-based story-telling happens right at the end of the game and by then it’s unnecessary since you’ve guessed what’s going on anyway.

Characters: 3/5 – The characters obviously wouldn’t have any depth to them because there’s no dialogue in the game. They are almost more two dimensional than the game itself. The saving grace comes in the fact that they are all very unique both in their abilities and “battle strategies” (Actually just basic attack patterns).

Gameplay: 5/5 – This was one of the few NES games that had perfectly fluidic movement with no stickiness to the controls. The difficulty level in Rockman is by far harder than any of its successors, making it a good challenge for anybody who has yet to play this game. There are six different powers and one utility to unlock and each has its own special uses based both on the situation and your personal gameplay style. Also, each enemy is weak or strong against specific powers, adding even more depth and complexity to the game.

Graphics: 3/5 – They may not look so great now, but for their time they weren’t bad at all. There is a distinctive difference between each environment and there is a much higher level of detail in them than many other games of that era.

Soundtrack: 3/5 – The soundtrack is definitely an accomplishment for its time. Most of the themes are relatively catchy and unique enough not to ever blend into each other. I think the thing I appreciate most in the soundtrack of any NES game is that it doesn’t annoy me or hurt my ears with any high-frequency notes.

Replayability: 4/5 – You’ll probably want to replay this a few times before packing it in because once you discover one boss’s weakness, you’ll want to figure them all out. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than killing a boss in two blows. Then there’s figuring out the best order to fight them in of course. Apart from this, the game is short so replaying is fairly un-intimidating. Finally, there’s the fact that this game is just so fun – a factor missing from the majority of modern games.

Overall Enjoyment: 5/5 – I think the Rockman series is the best set of games on NES. Rockman was obviously developed around the idea that good gameplay alone would be strong enough to sell a game and guess what? They were right.

Extra Titbits:

The original release of Rockman had a really cool jumbo picture of Rockman as well as the “Rockman” logo on the startup screen. When the game was renamed “Megaman” for American gamers, this awesome startup screen was changed in favour of a boring black background with “Mega Man” written in big letters. Luckily for me I had the original imported cartridge when I was younger but my sympathies to many U.S. gamers out there.

Key: 5.Excellent   4.Good   3.So-so   2.Poor   1.Awful   0. Terrifyingly bad

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