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Studio: Production I.G, Aniplex

Genres: Action, Horror, Drama


In this epilogue to “Blood: The last Vampire” Saya has returned, only she’s not the Saya that we remember. With no memory of her past self, she’s now a typical high school girl enjoying a normal teenage life. Unfortunately for Saya though, her peaceful existence is disrupted when Chiroptera once again begin menacing the population. Soon the young girl is torn from her home, family and friends and drawn back into the world of fighting and bloodshed as the secrets about her past and origins slowly reveal themselves.


The series is riveting to say the least. Though it consists of fifty episodes, it feels like only half that due to the brilliant pace. The introduction of many new characters makes for a refreshed and interesting storyline which actually doesn’t give the feel of a sequel but rather a brand new show altogether. The character development is utterly superb, as is the character diversity and complexity. The soundtrack goes perfectly with each scene and the artwork is very pleasing to the eye as well. The only fault I can find with this series is a certain lack in consistency with the movie as far as Saya’s appearance goes. But that pales into insignificance weighed up against everything else this show has to offer. Blood+ is one of the few series that I can attribute the word “Epic” to and I believe that there is virtually no anime fan out there who would not enjoy Blood+, including those who disliked the movie.

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