Making Opera Mini 5 Work On Phones That Are “Incompatible”

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Opera Mini is probably the greatest thing that ever came from Java enabled phones. It’s brought the mobile internet to a whole new level. Opera Mini 4 was awesome enough, but Opera Mini 5 makes 4 look like a kiddie toy. The difference between 4 and 5 is like the difference between Windows 98 and Vista (Without the fail). But alas, Opera Mini 5 is “incompatible” with many phones including the LG KS360. However, there’s a way around this flaw.

Firstly, you must download Opera Mini 5 which means ignoring the Opera site’s recommendation to download 4 instead. The easiest way to do this while avoiding all the messy navigation is Google Opera Mini 5 on your phone and then click on the direct download link.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, you’ll be faced with an amazing new GUI like nothing you’ve ever seen before. I’m not going to go through all the functions; you can read my review for that. The first thing you’ll notice if you’re using a KS360 or similar QWERTY phone is that when using a text-box; you can’t use the “Fn” (Or equivalent) key to input things like periods, @ symbols, quotation marks, etc. Remember Rule One, “Don’t Panic” here. Try using the “Sym” (Or equivalent) key as you would the “Fn” key. It should work. If not, keep reading.

Okay so if the “Sym” key is now the “Fn” then is the “Fn” key now the “Sym” key? You know in a perfect world that might have worked. But this is not a perfect world. Press the “Sym” key and hold down “1”. A tiny black box should appear with a selection of characters in it. That’s cool but you can’t select any of them except the 1st symbol if you click quickly and the last if you hold the key down too long. Rule One, “Don’t Panic” applies here too. With a little lateral thinking, we can make it work. All you do is press “Sym” then “1” and when the little box pops up, you press “Sym” then “1” quickly before the box closes. You’ll notice the selection moves 1 symbol across.  It’s a little tedious (Especially if you’re after the second to last character!) but it works and you’ll get used to it quickly. You can do this with any such selection box. The caps key should still work but if it doesn’t, there should be a way to make it.

Now I’m going to break down why this error occurs and how to deal with it as you should be able to work around it with most QWERTY phones. Firstly, you’ll notice that Opera Mini 5 does not use your phone’s text editing box (Neither did 4 when entering an address). Because it uses its own box, it reads the keys you input directly. Now each key on your phone has a code. (If you’re a programmer, you’ll understand where I’m going). Unfortunately, phones may vary greatly in these codes – though the a-z and 0-9 keys do seem the same on all phones: Arigatou Kami-sama! Anyway, on phone XYZ, the “Sym” key could have the code 27 whereas that same key on phone ABC may have the code of 13.

Now that you have the knowledge, here’s how to use it. Investigate your keypad’s response when using the Opera Mini 5 text editing box. Try using different combinations to achieve the results I’ve just described but be sensible about it. Don’t go thinking “Maybe a + b will give me a question mark,” because that’s just fsucking stupid. Maybe the shift key may work as the insert symbol key on other phones. What I do know is that if you have an LG KS360 and you follow my instructions, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the fabulous new Opera Mini 5.

*Note: I’m referring to the beta version of Opera Mini 5. They may make some updates and changes to the final release. Also, if it won’t run at all, there’s nothing much you can do then, duh.

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