Opera Mini 5 – A Must Have

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Screen shots from the new Opera Mini 5

In case you’ve never heard of Opera Mini, it’s a java-based web browser whose features have grown over the years to include grabbing pictures (Some phones’ browsers don’t or don’t grab all pictures), speed dial bookmarks, web page compression (Saves data fees) and the ability to view web pages as they would appear on a PC without resizing them, just to name a few.

I downloaded the beta version of Opera Mini 5 recently and overwhelming is an understatement. I’ve been a fan of the Opera Mini mobile browser for roughly three years now. I started off with version 3 because I was told by a (Stupid) friend it was all my phone could handle. I ended up getting 4 a little while later and discovered it ran perfectly. I was very impressed with all the improvements in Mini Opera 4 and it felt really advanced. But using 5 has now totally blown my mind. The best way I could describe the transition between them is Opera Mini 3 to Opera Mini 4 is like changing OS from Windows 95 to Windows 98 SE. Changing from Opera Mini 4 to Opera Mini 5 is like changing from Windows 98 SE to Vista (Without all the fail).

Firstly, let’s start off with overall appearance. Opera Mini 5 has an almost futuristic look to it. The GUI is actually what I’d call “beautiful”. The speed dial shows thumbnails of all the websites stored on it. The menu’s appearance is sleek and smart. Everything is animated too.

On the functionality front, Opera Mini 5 scores full marks. The GUI isn’t just pretty to look at though; it’s also highly functional and well put together. Everything is logically placed and navigating the menu system is a charm. Though I was new to Opera Mini 5, I was immediately able to access anything I wanted on this highly user-friendly menu system. Opera Mini 5 also supports tabbed browsing which makes your mobile internet experience that much more enjoyable. And just make your day Opera Mini 5 also includes a myriad of shortcut keys for even easier navigation.

If you haven’t ever used Opera Mini, then do yourself a favour and go to the Opera Mini site and download Opera Mini 3. Use it for a while. Then download 4 and use that for a while. Then download Opera Mini 5. Only then will you truly appreciate the feeling of awe that Opera Mini users around the world felt when they first used 5.

Personally, I think Opera Mini 5 is the finest piece of mobile software I have ever seen. It is definitely superior to any firmware mobile browser I’ve seen and I’ve seen many. The best part about this product is that despite all the work put into it and the level of its quality; it’s still free and will hopefully continue to be.

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