Living with Monster Girls

Originally Posted by Onegai:

Genres: Hentai, Comedy, Romance


Japanese Title(s): “Living With …. [xyz monster girl]”, “Everyday Life with Monster Girls”


Author(s): “Okayado”


Living with Monster Girls is a mysterious set of eleven single page stories including a twelfth page gag-interview with the author who remains unknown (If anybody could track him/her down, I’ll give you an honorary mention). Each story revolves one of eight brothers (Who look identical right down to the hairstyle) living with a “monster girl”. The monster girls include a Harpy, a Centaur, an Arachne, a Dullahan, a Lamia, a Mermaid, a Minotaur and a Slime.


The manga creates humorous and sometimes quite sentimental situations by taking advantage of the basic differences between humans and these various fictitious creatures. The artwork is very amateur but not in a displeasing way, at least not within the context of this particular work. Although hentai factor is quite blatant on some pages, the series goes a little deeper and actually has quite a bit of substance to it.


16 thoughts on “Living with Monster Girls

  1. Yoko-chan

    I’ve managed to find some of the stories and they are indeed original. However, i’ll try the site you’ve suggested as well and see what comes up. Thanks! 🙂

  2. AFactSearcher

    I’ve heard there is to be a full length manga on this, intact and all. I’ve heard the rumor through the grapevine, and have seen some pictures of it. If someone can confirm this rumor, please do and post a link to the article here.


    P.S. I love his work and wonder if he will pick up more stories.

  3. Won't let me post without a name

    Couldn’t you zip the various pages and upload them to a filehoster?

    Also, I think the same artist is doing Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou, or, the horrible translation, “Everyday that there is a monster girls”/the good translation “Everyday life with a monster girl”.

    After some google-fu: Yup, INUI Takemaru is the mangaka that made those shorts and the manga mentioned above.


    1. onegaiblog

      Nice job. Have actually been meaning to update this for a while now (always so busy these days). There have been some interesting rumours flying around about bonus materials that I wanna check out first before posting and getting everyone’s hopes up.

      Reasons for not compiling a zip file and uploading: because filesharing sites get closed down by the American Justice Dept. Also, files are small and download quick and there are few of them. Still, I may consider a full archive for the future.

  4. wrathalos

    I’ve read both his works and loved them original and adorable and his NEW manga series(Everyday monster girls) is great and a good rendering i hope the next girl is either arachne, or minotaur.


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