Why the Silent Hill Theme for the Festive Season Banner?

Originally Posted by Onegai:

The banner used for Onegai Blog during the festive season 2009

Well because the festive season and Silent Hill have a lot in common. I’ll break it down to explain my point.

The Weather:

In Silent Hill, it’s usually snowy and misty. Well during the festive season, it’s also snowy and misty (southern hemisphere excluded).


It’s well known that Silent Hill is a place of despair to the average human (Although some insane people like myself actually have completely the opposite reaction strangely). Well, in most parts of the world, the suicide rate is highest during the festive season.


Silent Hill is a very violent place. In fact you’d have to be exceptionally lucky to survive (unless you’re a gamer since we have been highly trained in the sacred arts of survival from zombie holocausts to strange alien ships and bases). During the festive season, the crime rate rises considerably and is generally higher around this period than any other throughout the year.

Bad Roads:

Ever tried to get around in Silent Hill? It’s impossible by road that’s for sure. I mean it’s absolutely insane! The last time I was there, I had to go through some dude’s house (Thank god he left his key taped to the inside of the dog kennel on the front lawn) just to get to the damn school! Well the roads in our world are just as bad during the festive season. There’s traffic congestion, ice on the roads, accidents and even careless pedestrians!

Weird Religious Cults:

In Silent Hill there’s this weird cult. They have all these bizarre beliefs and they do diabolical rituals. We also have an insane cult during the festive season. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but especially around Christmas, these insane cultists knock on your door and start singing. They also wear red and white clothes and stand around malls ringing bells. And you know the craziest thing about this cult? They erect hacked off trees and tree-limbs in their homes and decorate them with all manner of miniature idol including strangely hypnotic flickering lights.

Well, I suppose that answers that. I think I’ve given you all a fairly comprehensive explanation of the banner. As always, when you think about it, the truth is stranger than fiction. Have a great festive season – Onegaiblog.

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