Pet Shop of Horrors

Originally Posted by Onegai:

Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Comedy

Author: Matsuri Akina

Volumes: 10


Count D’s pet shop in Chinatown is infamous for its stock of exotic creatures and the strange incidents involving most of its customers – many of whom end up dead. Rumours abound about the shop selling “magical” creatures and even being involved in human trafficking. But the elusive Count D never seems to be available and is always “travelling” according to his grandson who runs the shop. This, in conjunction with the fact that Chinatown is a place that local police naturally try to avoid (if not ignore completely) leaves investigators unable to dig any deeper into the mysterious affair.


The storyline is intriguing, enjoyable and well-paced. The majority of it is made up of a whole lot of smaller stories, linked together to by an ongoing plot. Each of these stories contains either a moral or philosophical message within it; sometimes even a humorously ironic one.

The character development is only a little short of first-class but because the characters themselves are rather three-dimensional to begin with, the reader can quite quickly and easily become attached to them.

As for the artwork, I really enjoyed it. Pet Shop of Horrors was a good mixture simplistic and extremely detailed art (not very common in manga), boasting some really beautiful backdrops. As for the actual layout, it’s really creative, making sure to break any hint of monotony and adding some great expressiveness to the story. If I were to summarise it, I’d say that Pet Shop of Horrors is probably the closest to the perfect fusion of eastern and western comic influences.

On top having a great storyline, good character development and really nice artwork, the manga also has a decent volume to it with forty-one chapters over ten volumes along with two bonus side-stories.

Apart from being an holistically entertaining experience, Pet Shop of Horrors has a very satisfactory ending so have no fears about being deflated at the end of the last chapter. All in all, it’s definitely worth a read since I think almost anybody would get something out of it.

4 thoughts on “Pet Shop of Horrors

  1. sape101

    Oh I remember this anime, but sadly, I never read the manga. Of course, I’m sure the manga is much more engaging and as you said, beautiful.

    In the anime version, I found the art to be presentable, but there were instances where Count’s hair is covering his eye yet we can still see his eyes through the hair. That really bothers me…whoops, off topic!

    Anyway, thanks for the review of this anime/manga. It truly brought back memories. I really found the story about the widow husband and his pet mermaid to be very disturbing. Which story do you like best in the manga?

    1. onegaiblog

      I liked the story about 13 (the body-guard dog). Thought it was really cool and quite sweet as well.

      Regarding the off-topic hair thing, it occurs in many anime. I think it’s an attempt to show that it’s a really thin amount of hair hanging over the face and that you can “see through” between the strands(Could also be laziness, lol). I agree, it is a little off-putting at times.

  2. sape101

    …..? Huh? You’re replying to yourself? Is there two of you on this blog? Just curious since I recently spotted your blog.

    1. onegaiblog

      Thanks for bringing that to my attention. The reply in question (which I have now deleted) was a reply to somebody else’s question about their cellphone in a different article. Don’t know exactly how but it seems the reply duplicated itself and the duplicate wound up here. I’m assuming it’s a technical error since I don’t believe in cyber-ghosts (at least for now. Should my computer ever become possessed, my cyber-atheism may change).


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