Hard Goodbyes…

Originally Posted by Onegai:

It is with regret that I must announce the closure of Onegai Blog. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every moment of blogging and it’s been great hearing from the few that did bother to post comments. I was really happy being able to express myself and speak about my passions and hopefully inspire some interest in them from readers and although the blog’s closing on only around 4000 hits – which isn’t much at all – I’m satisfied if even only 1 person out there enjoyed it.

The reason I’m closing Onegai Blog? There are many. My personal life back in the “real world” is suddenly very frenetic. I’m not going to bore anyone with the details but let’s just say I’m working on several other projects at the moment that take up all my time as it is.

I’ll be leaving Onegai Blog up for now since I’ve got download links and content that I don’t want to deprive anyone who seeks them of. I’ll also drop by to moderate comments from time to time so feel free to still post. I may even re-activate Onegai Blog in the very distant future if my life settles down. But I won’t be doing anymore posting of articles anytime soon and once the traffic on Onegai Blog drops down to a minimal number per day; I’ll prolly delete the blog entirely.

Well, what else can I say? It’s been fun.

Sayonara mina.

3 thoughts on “Hard Goodbyes…

  1. gothcowboy

    hiyas i found your sight by misstake,from what i seen though (mostly been looking at the mylife with (add a monster girl name) its pretty cool i skimed the final fantasy artical too,pity this seemed like a decantsight/blog compared to a lotof others iv seen.by the way ( though im not sure if your gona read this or not) those my life with ( a monster girl) comics seem i dont wana say it but umm really sweet and cute (^^) id like to read more but i guess thats just not gona happend ><.anyways in case you do read this i had a blast here, good job

    1. onegaiblog

      This blog will return one day. Once I get my life sorted. When that happens, will let anyone who’s commented here know (well those who used a really email address at least).


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