Biohazard(Resident Evil) 4 – Screen Size Problem

Originally Posted by Onegai:

RE4 LogoSo there seems to be this problem with the PC version of Biohazard 4 (aka Resident Evil 4) on the PC. I didn’t actually even pick up on it until a friend brought it to my attention. He moaned that when he tried to play it on his laptop (don’t ask me why), it wouldn’t go 16:9 so he ended up with horizontal and vertical black lines down the screen. So I closed my porn, got off my lazy butt, dug up RE4, installed it and started it up. Seemed my friend was right. The setup program didn’t allow me to switch aspect ratios or set the resolution nearly high enough. But this problem is easily solvable with these steps:
1. Open [wherever you installed it]\Capcom\Biohazard 4\SetupTool.ini with notepad (Yes, I usually resort to editing the setup file first! Much easier than stuffing about on the net for an hour, heh.)
2. The first lines look like this:

;===== Used by Game =====
;Mode : 0=FullScreen ,1=Window ,Other=Window
;Type : 0=Wide ,1=Normal ,Other=Normal
; Normal : 800×600 ,1024×768 ,1280×1024 ,1600×1200
; Wide : 1280×800 ,1440×900 ,1680×1050 ,1920×1200

Change the following values to what is written below:

SizeX=[Your desktop’s width. 1366 is compatible with most laptops and widescreens]
SizeY=[Your desktop’s height.]

3. Save and exit.
4. Play the game.

NOTE: Each time you change and save the settings with the game’s setup utility, this will be undone so get your settings right first. Also, don’t use modes that aren’t compatible with your hardware (If you’ve a 16:9 screen then 1366×768 will more than likely work). Don’t modify anything you’re unsure of. Don’t try to set it to widescreen (Type=0) because it prolly won’t work even if your screen is a widescreen (it crashed on me). If the game crashes, launch the setup and set it back to default.

Feel free to post a question regarding this fix. I’ll answer it as soon as I can.


It seems there are still many questions regarding Biohard/Resident Evil 4. So I’ve decided to add a step-by-step guide here:

1. First locate the “SetupTool.ini” file:

Click to enlarge

2. Edit the file by adding your custom resolutions (and save it):

Click to enlarge

3. Now make sure to run the Game.exe file and NOT the Launcher.exe file as I think the launcher is prolly responsible for it reverting.

Click to enlarge

4. If you are using a shortcut, right-click the shortcut and select “Properties”. Then change the target to “game.exe”and press Ok.

Click to enlarge

If you are having trouble still, you need to disable all permissions when editing the SetupTool.ini file otherwise saving will fail. I’ll add a post about permissions at some point.
Also note that you need to set the resolution to match YOUR display, not mine. So if you have a native resolution of 1280×720, thebn setting it to 1366×768 will crash it or cause it to revert.

43 thoughts on “Biohazard(Resident Evil) 4 – Screen Size Problem

    1. onegaiblog

      Sorry for late reply, been busy lately and no time for blogging. Basically, your system is denying you access, “forbidding” you, because of your security settings. Some details as to what system you’re running (ie WinXP, Vista, 7) would be helpful. In the meantime, here is a list of things to try:
      1. Login as an administrator if you are not using an admin account.OR run notepad.exe as an administrator. It is in “%windir%\system32\”. Then open the file.
      2. Adjust your security settings if your account is already admin-level.
      3. Adjust the permissions for the CAPCOM folder (NOTE: Some changes my be denied).
      4. Start in safe mode and edit the file.
      5. Boot in Linux(if you have Linux that is. You can use a Live CD too), open the terminal and type “gedit” and the location of the settings file. (You can optionally navigate to the file and then just open it. A window may pop-up saying it has executable text, just choose to edit the file).

    2. Anon

      just go to ur control panel- review ur comp status-then change user acc control settings-choose the one at the bottom- restart- then edit- this time u can mate- u can change the settings again if u want- enjoy the game in full screen.

    1. onegaiblog

      You should be able to run fullscreen at 800×600 without editting the settings. Check that your hardware is compatible, for example, a 16:9 monitor that is internally designed to maintain its aspect ration will not stretch a 4:3 AR to full – common in laptops.
      Try starting the game directly (without the launcher), that may help too.

    1. onegaiblog

      Okay, I have updated the original post with a full guide. In short it’s prolly the launcher or the fact that the changes to the settings aren’t being saved due to lack of writing permissions. In such a case, log into the admin account and turn UAC off until you’ve changed the settings file. Then follow the guide above.

      1. onegaiblog

        Hmmm, quite an odd resolution. You’re prolly better off using 800×600 because 1204×600 wo’t give you any improvements as the y-resolution i still the same.

  1. gem

    It works, but it leads to another problem. I use a patch to integrate mouse support on the game, and that patch requires to run its own launcher first (called Loader). Thus, directly running the game means no mouse support. I guess it’s either use a mouse but play with crappy resolution or play with nicer graphics but crappy gameplay :/

  2. dusami

    For those who are still unable to make changes to the ‘.INI’ file. All you need to do is to save the edited file elsewhere on your computer preferably your desktop. Then drag that edited file to the ‘resident evil 4’ folder and click yes to remove and replace the current .INI file when the prompt window appears. This should solve your problem!!!

      1. onegaiblog

        You need to edit the file with the correct permissions. Try running your text editor as an admin and/or login with an admin account. Sadly windows security and permissions are still not as straightforward as Linux

  3. cadu

    Hi… when I do this (converting the screen settings to 1366×768) my game loses definition, and I don’t know why…

    1. nonZero Post author

      It’s most likely the texture resizing. Although 3D models can be scaled into larger sizes, the textures are preexisting raster image files. When running the game in a small window, ie the native resolution, the textures will appear sharper than running it re-sized. Your final appearance is also largely down to your display hardware and settings. For me, I have AA and AF on maximum so I get fairly decent results for these ported games in higher resolutions. You can also look into downloading alternative texture packs perhaps. I’ve heard about them but don’t have any links (and I don’t know the legality either). Hope this helps.

  4. Alexander Pappas

    when i change the resolution and click save it asks me if i want to replace it because there is a same file in that folder i click yes then it says access denied please help i cant play in a 1024×768 on a 1366×768 screen PS the is a widescreen option in the launcher setup but i’m not able to click it
    any help is apreciated!

    1. nonZero Post author

      It is saying access denied because you do not have admin priviledges at the time of the change. You need to login as the admin account and make the changes or change your User Access Control settings (see Microsoft’s Website for more).

  5. Imran Basha

    Thanks a lot man. I got full screen in Residental Evil 4
    Finally I am going to play in full screen in my laptop


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