Diwali – The Curse of Durban

Originally Posted by Onegai:

Picture Of FireworksLet me preempt this by saying that I am not against people’s freedom of religion, despite being an atheist. In fact I encourage religion because it keeps the masses in check. However…

Welcome to Durban, South Africa. Every year urban and suburban residents here are subjected to the cacophony of firework explosions. While I would never want to take away the rights of those who celebrate their beliefs through this noisy ritual, I would want there to be a few basic restrictions:

1. How about a cut-off time in urban and suburban areas. Say 21h00 because there are small children who need their sleep to consider.

2. Better yet, why not ban fireworks from urban and suburban areas but designate sites for Diwali celebrators to go (like out in the countryside) where their ruckus will not cost the rest of us our sleep or productivity (I do a lot of my coding at night).

3. Use more appropriate fireworks. Last time I checked, this was supposed to be a “festival of lights” not fsucking sound! So use pretty flashy fireworks that give everyone seizures, that’s fine because I can draw my curtains. Just stay away from the ones that make it sound like WW3 is going down.

I wouldn’t be complaining – in fact I actually think it’s quite a fun little ritual – if it wasn’t so loud. This is not an exaggeration when I say that twice the wooden floor has vibrated from the sound. Some of my family actually got frights from the noise.

Having travelled, I know that Diwali is not like this everywhere. In fact Durban seems to be the worst-hit place. I’ve never even noticed Diwali except in Durban. The best analogy is this:

Diwali in Durban: A giant ogre taking a machine-gun into a tin bucket while jumping up and down on a kick drum.

Diwali everywhere else: Huh? It was Diwali yesterday? Really? Oh…

I’m not targeting anyone’s religion or persecuting minorities or anything else you want to accuse me of because I feel the same about Guy Fawkes (I’ll prolly rant about that in a week, don’t worry). I’m just saying what everyone is thinking on Diwali and the 5th of November: STFU (Shut The Fsuck Up)!

*And to think my first post in ages was a rant… Sorry guys 🙂

One thought on “Diwali – The Curse of Durban

  1. David

    I think that cultural tradition is essential, but all the research I have done regarding the festival I have found no historical link to noisy fireworks. I live in La Lucia, Durban North and our evening “of light” was more like an extreme war zone. It would seem that neighbours are in competition to see who has the most and noisiest fireworks. Some of these explosions registered at over 100db – and that’s over 30m away. These levels of noise are extreme and surpass annoying. I am also sure that these sound levels are illegal. I believe in tolerance but I also believe in being considerate to others. I am sure that antagonising others is not the spirit of the festival.


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