Machinae Supremacy – A View From The End Of The World

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Album Cover

Album Title: A View from the End of the World

Genre(s): SID Metal, Alt. Metal, Synth. Metal

Release Date: 3 November 2010

Group/Artist: Machinae Supremacy

MaSu – as some people call them – are one of the most unique-sounding groups within the entire metal industry in that they bring a whole new sound into the music industry. While most bands are happy with regular to expensive synths, Machinae Supremacy have decided to go retro by adding a Commodore 64 sound chip to go with their entourage.

A View from the End of the World is more than just a good combination of great guitar work, nice beats and awesome electronic sounds; it’s also a pilgrimage to the past for anyone who grew up during the 8-bit gaming era, irrespective of which console they favoured (I was a NESfag). To me, there was nothing like just listening to Rockman (Mega Man in the US) compositions which I deligently recorded on my cassette recorder for later playack (What a geek!). But just as much, I’ve always loved the roaring guitars of metal. I can remember listening to “Fear of the Dark” by Iron Maiden as a teenager and getting goosebumps at the sheer magnificence of those seven minutes of awesomeness. Somehow, two things I loved but never thought were compatible, have been brought together now and fused into a true masterpiece.

The tracks on this album range in mood from light to dark, creating a cornucopia sorrow, sarcasm, social commentary and quirkiness both musically and lyrically. There’s not a single “shit track” on the entire album either which is a rarity in music these days. In fact most of the tracks make you resent the fact they are ending…until the next one starts! There are few albums I’ve listened to that have made me want to listen to them again immediately after the last track has ended, but A View from the End of the World is one of them.

A View from the End of the World isn’t just pleasing to the ears though, it’s pleasing to the mind too. Analyzing the artistry involved in composing each track is better than a visit to the Sistine Chapel (Sorry Mikey) – while it was having its ceiling painted (Double sorry Mikey). The level of technical brilliance involved here is reminiscent of Isoa Tomita (He’s the God of Synthesizers btw).

So is it worth the price? You actually even have to ask? While this strange sub-genre of metal may not appeal to many fans of mainstream metal (that’s an ironic statement, “mainstream metal”. What would the ancestors say!), it will appeal to the people who get it and it will do more than just a good job of that.

2 thoughts on “Machinae Supremacy – A View From The End Of The World

  1. Guneet Dave

    You are so funny!!! I’ve become obsessed with your blog and I spend most of my work hours reading all your posts. And I made a blog account JUST to post comments. I wish I had found you sooner, and I wish you updated as much as you once did! You must be super busy now though because you are so famous!!

    1. onegaiblog

      Thanks, thanks. Sadly, not very famous but plenty super-busy. I’ve all but lost my social life and the only time I ever seem to be online is when I’m at work (and they monitor our internet usage). Still, I try and come back here when I can.


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