Megaupload Gets Slaughtered by US Government

Originally Posted by Onegai:

Megaupload's Mega Manager - Credits Wikipedia

The popular file-host, Megaupload was shutdown yesterday (19th Jan 2012) following an indictment by the US Federal Govt. The charges included several copyright infringement violations and allegations that they knowingly encouraged users to upload pirated materials by offering them incentives.

But how did they prosecute an offshore company? Well it seems MU had a server or two on US soil and the offended parties were US citizens, therefore making it technically a crime against US citizens on US soil. In other words the charges are valid. However, one has to ask oneself why foreign nations were all too happy to comply with the US’s requests to shut down MU and to prosecute many of its senior staff members. Perhaps they wanted MU gone as much as the US? Or perhaps the US simply does what it always does: use threats of war and invasion to get its own way. So goes it I guess.

So what about legitimate members of Megaupload? So far as I know, Indie developers who used MU to distribute their software, Indie artists and Average Joe who backs up his stuff on MU simply lost everything without warning. Nice, real nice. Oh it gets better. Those who forked out hard-earned money for an MU premium account can kiss that money goodbye because there hasn’t been one word from US authorities regarding any remunerations. Hahaha, I love democracy, don’t you?

So why did this happen? Well, putting the “official reasons” aside, here’s my theory which is prolly the closest thing you’ll find to the truth without extracting the information out of the top-brass using torture or hypno-drugs:

  • US tries to get SOPA/PIPA passed – FAIL
  • US tries again to get SOPA/PIPA passed – Public outcry, protests from Google, Facebook, WordPress, Wikipedia and others, threats from Anonymous – my heroes and finally a mass protest of picket-wielding rebels in the US.
  • Feeling anger and discontent at the loss of its power, the US strikes back in the only way it can; attack the geeks – “Let’s hit them where it hurts” mentality. They know they’ll hurt artists using MU the most since pirates will just jump on to the next file host but artists will be down for ages while they migrate their works to a new host. At the same time, probably the strongest motivation, the US get to send a clear message to the world: “Look at what we can do without SOPA/PIPA. This is how powerful we are. We can fuck you over and you can do nothing about it! In other words, stop standing in our way and we might be lenient. Keep getting in our way and we’ll crush you.” Well I have but one thing to say back – and I hope everyone will join me here – and that is: “Fuck you! Go and beat up some pacifist protestors and/or try and intimidate some kiddies because we… WE FIGHT BACK!”

And guess what happened? Anonymous faught back for us. They hacked the US Justice Dept.’s site and shut it down along with many of the media companies that have been supporting this campaign of policing the internet. That’s what you get for taking MU down!

But sadly, revenge won’t undo the damage that’s been done to the plethora of legitimate MU users or repay them the money they spent on accounts. If you have (had) an account with MU or know anybody who did, please encourage them to start a class action against the US Justice Dept. and/or anyone else involved in this heinous violation of our rights.

I leave you with this, my friends. Remember the good old days when this glog was fun and silly? Remember the times we reviewed the good stuff, the bad stuff and the down-right crap? Remember when there wasn’t an anti-SOPA article stickied to the home page? Remember when each page didn’t contain links to anti-SOPA material. It feels like yesterday, yet so long ago. Oh how quickly this ugly war for our internet freedom has started and oh how quickly it has become so ugly. But during all this ugliness, I want you to think of those days and remember them well. We will reclaim them. We will get our internet back. We can and will win this war. So long as we all stand together. So long as we all spread the word. Everyone can help and one small person can make a difference. Those days, my friends, are within our grasp.

Peace out 😉

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