My Leave of Absence

Originally Posted by Onegai:

An Image Should be Here.First off, let me apologise to those who made comments. They’ve been sitting here awaiting approval for too long. My life is very busy at the moment and I did mention that there may be extended periods of inactivity on this blog when I first resurrected it. Secondly, I apologise to the readers as they’ve seen an image of 10,000 fists in the air every time they’ve visited Onegai Blog for the past two months. Yes, 10,000 fists are cool, but not ad nausea. It was never my intention to just drop off the map but my life has been chaotic lately. I’ve been trying to sort out my personal life, trying to restart my professional life, trying to write a book and raising awareness about all these internet bills from the SOPA and PIPA saga to the newer ACTA saga and the latest CISPA saga.

Anyway, to summarise: I’m back……….until I’m gone again. I’m hoping I won’t be though. I like writing this blog and I like hearing from readers – even if it takes me a month to check my comments 🙂

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