Originally Posted by Onegai:

I must once again apologize for my aloofness. Sadly, work is taking a toll not just on my social life but even, would you believe it, on my internet life. But in a world where decent-wage employment is scarce, one take what one can get and one most certainly does not moan about lousy hours, doing other people’s work or having to take work home. I would likely return to freelancing if I could afford it with my medical expenses but currently the company I work at offers me a generous health and dental plan.

In essence, I’m saying that between health and work problems, I doubt I can remain able to keep posting on a regular basis, nor could I answer questions and comments in a timely manner.

I once wanted to just delete the blog but I realized that would just be plain unfair to the readers so I have instead decided to delegate. While I will still post, I’ll be handing over much of the writing to some online acquaintances of mine. Hopefully, they’ll be able to keep everyone entertained in my absence.

Here’s to the new future of this blog.

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