Everything Has Changed

Some years ago, I accepted the offer of taking on ownership of Onegai Blog (also jokingly known to as “1 guy blog” one-gai-blog). At the time, the author had a lot going on and little time. In fact, he mentioned work and family troubles in the email he sent me and a few other friends he’d elected as possible candidates. He mentioned wanting to just close it. To quote some of his message

…[it’s just one of millions of blogs out there, nobody gives a shit really]…[I wanted to express myself and celebrate geek culture. I somehow got sidetracked and ended up posting a lot of garbage OTT rants about my personal world views, so I failed at the blog’s purpose…if anyone wants to take it over, they take full responsibility for it and everything I’ve posted…It would be nice if I could still write articles now and then and have whoever post them, but this is probably nothing more than a good intention. Maybe I should just close it down]…

I jumped at the opportunity because it seemed like a cool idea and I thought I could promote myself. When I found out I was the only one of the three of us that had shown any interest, I got all excited. I even managed to get the original author excited again. I thought everything was going to be great. Well, it wasn’t. Maybe this blog is cursed because shortly after that, my life got busy and besides neglecting my own sites, I started to actually feel disconnected. By and by, I became too busy and unmotivated to keep this site up, or mine for that matter. At most I managed to reply to and delete a few comments here and there. That was the sum total of my term as CEO of Onegai Blog. Pretty shameful.

Anyway, the world has changed so much since I took on this site and so have I. I still want to live up to all my own expectations, so I am going to start revamping this site over the next few months. I may not post new material but I will be deleting or moving pointless rants. I’ll also be editing existing articles and trying my best to improve them with fact-checking, citations, additional information, etc. I will be restructuring Onegai Blog, too and giving it a facelift (although I really love the banner and it’ll be sad to see it go). I will be generally bettering it. Basically, I want to keep this blog alive because it was a fun place for me and I think there are some valuable articles here.


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