Off Topic Chat

This page is dedicated to comments not related to any specific articles but rather the site (or something relating to it/its theme). Feel free to post anything you like here (within reason) for example “Hey they’re making a live-action movie of Happiness! :(” etc. Feel free to make suggestions about the site or articles.

Please note that comments are moderated, so they will not appear instantly. You should read The Rules before posting.

So, welcome to the Comment Scrapheap and enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Off Topic Chat

  1. nonZero Post author

    @Onegai. Hey, it’s late now but I’m logged in so I’ll tell you so long. I’m gonna clean the site a little at some point (dunno if you got my mail). As I said, I wanna re-filter the comments, edit things that need editing to be in line with your AUP-type thing and fix any loose ends like tags etc and grammar/spelling in articles. Prolly won’t get around to it until next year but still thought I’d inform you — and everyone reading this.

    1. onegaiblog

      Cool. Quality is important though content is needed much more at this moment in time. Will send you a mail with more info but essentially I’m happy to just write articles since my time is limited (work, family) and have you handle the rest. Would like to discuss new ideas for content delivery too.


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