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Shinigami Lovers

Originally Posted by Onegai:

Genres: Romance, Fantasy

Author: Yuki Ryo

Volumes: 2


Miku is a high school student with a passion for nails. She is enjoying an average day in her normal life when suddenly a car slams into her. When Miku awakens in hospital, she is visited by a Shinigami (Death God / God of Death) by the name of Sei who explains that he has come to take her to the other side. Cuffing Miku to him with a device known as Thanatos Lover, Sei whisks her away to the other world. But when they get there, it is discovered that a huge mistake was made and that Miku was not supposed to die yet. Sei returns Miku to the living world but there is a problem. The cuffs on Thanatos Lover will not unfasten until Miku’s true moment of death. Until that time, they are stuck together and must make the best of it.


The storyline is very predictable with no real plot twists or unexpected developments. There were very few chapters (14 over two volumes) and it felt to me like the story was being compressed and “rushed”. Because of this rushed pace, many of the scenes feel very unnatural and contrived. In fact the whole story has a sort of “forced” feeling about it most of the time.

The character development was weak. Even the two main protagonists came across a little two-dimensional and vague. Because I never got a chance to really “get to know” them, I felt no real connection to any of the players whatsoever.

I wasn’t too impressed by the artwork. The character art is a bit on the unoriginal side and there was little creativity with the POV (Point-Of-View). A lot of the time it felt as though there was a deliberate restriction on the number of panels used even though there was plenty of space.

The ending was rather sudden and flat which would leave any reader feeling disappointed. Although I’m the last person I’d expect to be standing by conventions, I do think that in the case of any story intended for entertainment value, there has to be a relatively dramatic or meaningful ending.

Shinigami Lovers is not a terrible story. The idea itself, while a little cliché, is not a bad one. In actuality I think the manga had potential but it occurs to me that the writer had the idea for where the story was going but not really how to get there. Had there been more fleshing out of the characters and had the events happened more smoothly instead of as abruptly as they did, I would probably have written a somewhat more positive review. Unfortunately it turned out the way it did so my advice is save this one for a really rainy day.