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General Information:

Studio: Artland

Genres: Romantic Comedy, Fantasy

Episodes: 12

OVAs: 1


Haruhi is a student in the magic section of her high school. Her entire motivation for studying magic is because when she was a kid, a young boy used magic to save her from bullies. She has since dedicated a large portion of her life to magic and searching for the boy from all those years ago that she’s subsequently fallen in love with.

When the magic section burns down in a mysterious fire, the entire magic section is forced to integrate into the normal section so that they may continue their regular academic studies unimpeded. This naturally leads to a number of issues – some comedic, others a little more dire.


The storyline is simple and very predictable. With a fairly predictable plot and very two-dimensional characters; Happiness! has little to fall back on besides its humour and the “Jun factor” (You’ll see what I mean if you watch just the first episode).

As for the artwork, it’s pretty standard and the animation is no better. Though the CGI use is quite obvious, it’s strangely not as off-putting as you’d expect. Perhaps this is because your expectations will drop rather significantly after watching just ten minutes of the first episode.

I feel there’s little or no point in mentioning the soundtrack. The opening theme does nothing for me and the closing one even less. As for the music in the show; it’s so unmemorable it leaves you wondering if there even was any.

All in all I’m sorry to say that Happiness! is a relatively bland anime. It’s predictable and generic. It does have Jun along with its funny moments which are the saving grace that make it mildly entertaining. It’s likely that the producers aimed to sell more on franchise’s existing fan-base than on the actual content of the anime itself. I won’t go so far as to start labelling it bad yet since it was marginally enjoyable. But being purely objective here, Happiness! is not an epic that makes you rush out and buy the box set. It’s more something you watch if you have nothing else at the time.

Other Formats:

Game: PC and Playstation 2

Light Novel: 3 Volumes

Manga: 1 Volume (Known of)

Brief History:

Happiness! was originally an Adult Visual Novel for PC. Following the first release, a sequel as well as a PS2 release were published. The franchise also expanded with three light novels and a manga.