The Rules

The following details the general content rules. Please note that there are rules for users and rules for editors. They are different, naturally. Users need not read the Rules for Staff and Staff need not read the Rules for Users until they need to moderate their first comment.

Rules For Users (Includes Anon/Public Users)


Please note that comments are moderated, so they will not appear instantly.

Posting comments insulting users or blog staff will result in your comment being edited and posted to make you look like a fool. That is not to say you cannot have a reasonable debate or criticize users/staff opinions, but you must conduct yourself in an acceptable way. I cannot be arsed actually defining this, you should instinctively know if what you post is offensive or not. The admins and editors reserve the right to determine “offensive content” at our own discretion.

Posting comments for the sake of getting links to your blog won’t be tolerated. Your comment may still be posted but your link will be disabled unless you have something useful to say. The following types of comments are considered spam or self-promoting:

  • “Nice blog. I like focus on thing other blogs not focus, such as in many sector of internet, my business relate. Am happy to find this.”
  • “I have such problem too. Have you looked on this site [url]. It contain many good product for men” …. yeeeeeeee-….Nnno.
  • “This nice”
  • šŸ™‚
  • Looking for <insert service>? Try….
  • Have you tried this <obnoxious/unrelated link>

So posting this gets you banned or ignored, or your comment trashed or edited. In other words it achieves nothing. Once again, the staff reserve the right to determine whether a comment is spam or self-promotion. We don’t mind self-promotion if you contribute something useful (determined at our own discretion) to the discussion.

Rules For Staff (Editors/Contributors/Etc)

Comments – Posting

Staff should lead by example. Follow the general netiquette and your comments are fine. Note that staff are given the privilege or responding to hostile users in a hostile way. Eye for an eye. However, you are encouraged to rather make a fool of such users by editing their comments.

Comments – Moderation

Staff may moderate comments as they see fit within the confines of their access level. Editors are encouraged to approve and reply to meaningful comments on posts that are outside their scope (ie posts made by other staff) or the sake of expedience. Editors are discouraged from moderating or replying to spam/self-promotion/offensive-content posts outside their scope and are instead encouraged to contact the member to whom the post belongs.

Posting Articles

Articles may contain mildly adult content but nothing vulgar (it is up to you to use your better judgment). Mild hentai nudity is allowed if it is very relevant. Explicit images are forbidden. Use of bad language is generally discouraged but allowed provided no F-bombs or C-bombs are used. If you need to drop a bad word, do so using some form of masking it, eg: Fsuck, Phuck. Racist or sexist words are illegal and will be moderated unless your are quoting a third-party statement.

Articles may be about a wide variety of topics but should remain in some way related to general “geek” interests. Links to pirate downloads are now forbidden and are being removed from the site as we speak. Rants that are off-topic are allowed provided they are not too frequent. You’re encouraged to write posts that cover these topics especially: Anime, Manga, Retro Games, free software. The types of articles should generally be reviews. The review format has been discarded so you are free to use your own formatting so long as you keep it neat. You are encourage to use basic summaries at the top of the post like “platform” or “genre”, etc. Linking to media is encouraged, as is linking to Wikipedia.

When using tags, please limit them to between 3 and 5 and please check that a similar tag does not already exist, eg: “SNES Game” is a bad tag because “SNES” is an already-existing tag and “Game” is a pretty generic term that is more or less implied that it is a game (granted there were a few unferground Hentai cratridges and doujins on cartridges around, mostly SNES represents games). Currently older posts’ tags are under review.

Categories. Upon your first post, please create a category named after your public user-name (the name people see when visiting your blog). This helps keep things organized. Please do not create any other new categories unless it is absolutely necessary. You are encouraged to contact the admin first but you’ll be given a fair amount of lee-way. Also note that Categories are under review so you are encouraged to stick to general ones, eg: use “Computers” rather than “Free Software” since this category is under review. Please use “Misc” where you aren’t sure and note that “Uncategorized” is deprecated. You can easily edit categories at a later stage. The “Old Onegaiblog” category is NOT to be used. It will be implemented to separate old posts from new posts and serves historic purposes.

A word on quality. This blog’s quality has never been extremely high and the tone is generally casual. I’d like to up the quality by as much as possible but I want to keep the tone fairly informal and easy on the reader. Also, if you see a spelling error in someone else’s post, feel free to correct it (unless it is a deliberate spelling error like “teh aw3sum” or “phuck”. If you see grammar errors in a post that is not your own, please do not edit the post but instead leave a comment stating the grammar error and an optional correction suggestion.

Finally, if you link to downloadable content, please add it to the relevant “Downloads” sub-category as well. If there is no relevant subcategory, you can create a page with “Downloads” as the parent. We’ll sort this out in greater detail later.

Thanks everyone and let’s work together to build a good blog in the future.